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But wait, was that worry actually real? There's more to him; I can feel it. He intrigues me. He's definitely old and crusty, but I want to peel away his stinky onion layers and cry those ripe onion tears that only a freezer or fresh air can cure, just because on the inside, deep at his core, Ryan has a true heart that's simply been hidden under layers upon layers of gross, stinky, tainted years of undead life.

Yea, it's another vampire story. But it's got a fresh perspective, and it's really not your traditional bloodsucking concept.

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I like vamps, traditional or not. I'm seriously stoked for the next book, but it doesn't look like it comes out 'til next year! I don't bite, I promise. Mar 05, Lauren rated it it was amazing. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I joined this blog tour and agreed to do a review on the book.

I'm not even really sure how to begin. I have to say that this may be one of my top 5 books that I've ever read. Thankfully, when the book starts the main character, Mia, lets you know that this is no fairy tale - and it definitely is not. This book doesn't have a happy ending, and it leaves you with quite a cliff hanger; and your jaw resting on the floor. This isn't your typical Matu I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I joined this blog tour and agreed to do a review on the book.

This isn't your typical Mature YA vampire story full of hearts and flowers and true love with a happily ever after. This story is dark and at times made me jumpy. This is a story about vampires the way they should be - the kinds that makes you look over your shoulder anytime you're out after dark.

The author did an amazing job making you feel what Mia feels once she is captive. That's right, she is kidnapped and held captive.

Walking Dead Girl

She has no changes of clothes, she is roomed with a girl that asks daily to be killed because she just doesn't want to do it anymore. They have a bathroom that is filthy with no faucet on the sink or tub, and are only given the faucet to put on when their kidnappers decide they want them to not stink anymore. It is very heartbreaking reading the first half of the book. I really don't know how to explain the emotions I felt while reading it. I will say that she manages to escape, in a way, but I'm not going to divulge exactly how that happens.

You really just need to read the book, because the second half is what she goes through after she breaks free. Seriously, this book is I want to say amazing, but feel that it is wrong because of the situation in the story. But it really is simply amazing. Mar 24, Miss rated it really liked it. This book was such an exciting read that held my attention every time I turned a page. Mia is captured by a gang of vampires as their next victim to feed off of. They only take young girls because they taste the best. Despite the fact that these men are ruthless vampires Mia never gives up hope of possibly escaping.

At one point she goes through so much pain and torture that she doesn't even care if she makes it out alive. Mia just wants to get out. Mia nearly does make it out by her own death, This book was such an exciting read that held my attention every time I turned a page. Mia nearly does make it out by her own death, but Ryan turns her into a vampire so that she will live forever.

Ryan has a soft spot for Mia and at first he doesn't know why. When Mia proves herself to be practically invincible no matter what the vampires do to her Ryan becomes admirable of her and very protective. Mia is a very strong female character and I really admired that. She fought her hardest to survive against the gang of vampires. Every time they knocked her down she always got back up no matter how beaten and bruised she was. When she became a vampire though she was no longer that girl.

Walking Dead Girl (The Vampireland Series Book 1) by Lili St Germain — Ebook Deals Today

She wanted her life to end and didn't see a reason to stick around anymore. She would never grow old, have children, or die so, I can understand why, but I just missed that tough human girl that she was. Mia becomes even more distraught as more secrets and lies are unveiled before her. The story has a shocking twist to it. I'll be honest I did see it coming, but some of you won't.

This was a nice fresh read on vampires and I highly recommend it to you vampire lovers out there! Mar 07, Runningrabbit rated it it was ok Shelves: considering-ditching-rest-of-series , supernatural , contemporary , ditched , magic , romance , vampires , ya. I just found this so bloody miserable I had to ditch it. I really got over the whining really quickly even though to some extent justified , totally tiresome. As a read it was just all too hard. I ended up skimming loads, and then gave it the big toss. Don't think I'll be able to drag my self further from sanity by going for the next book.

Mar 06, Tia rated it liked it. Dude, this novel was so fucked up. Especially the ending. I mean trying to kill your baby, vampire or not.. It just freaked me the fuck out. Jul 14, Marsha rated it really liked it.

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For one a storyline featuring vampires mimicked feeling and actions I might have felt; yet, one small issue caused me to put the book down time and time again, the incessant whining of the main character. I wanted to tell through the pages of the book and tell her, "Bad things happen to good people now get over it. She just graduated from hi 4. She just graduated from high school and waiting to her from colleges. She has a great best friend and a wonderful boyfriend. However, all of that changes when she is kidnapped in the parking lot at school.

Mila is whisked away to Mexico by a vampire named Ryan. This irritating s.

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Then, she sees the hopeless condition of another captive in a cell and begins to understand why this girl wants to die and although Mia despises Ryan he is not nearly the monster his boss, Caleb is. After pissing off Caleb, he attacks Mia and brutally bites her. She refuses to be subjected to experiments and future bites; so, she jumps out of a window in an attempt to kill herself.

She does die but Ryan swoops her up, turns her into a vampire and goes in hiding from Caleb.

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Why couldn't Ryan just let her remain dead? Now, she is a shadow of her former self and lives in fear of what Caleb will do to her family and friends not to mention what he will do with her. Mila is not an ordinary vampire fledgling. She doesn't suffer the bloodlust and chaotic homicidal tendencies.

Yet, she doesn't even begin to understand what else she will have to endure before her journey really can begin. This is definitely not your typical vampire book with a flowery and sappy love story. This is the rebirth of a character who is truly begins to come into her own. I really enjoyed this story and cannot wait to read book two. Apr 14, Cheree rated it really liked it. New vampire book to add to your shelf or e-reader! I haven't read anything like it and I cannot see how anyone could compare it to other vampire stories. This is NOT a Twilight knock off!!

It is NOT some teenage love triangle story!! Mia is NOT some loaner chick trying to blend into the world around her!